Great Groups of the Brunisolic Order:

Two great groups of the Brunisolic Order occur in Saskatchewan. Both have a forest leaf litter layer (the LFH horizon), no Ah horizon, and a Bm horizon.

Eutric Brunisolic Soils:

Soils of the Eutric Brunisolic great group occur primarily on glacio-fluvial sand parent materials in Central Saskatchewan south of the boundary with the Canadian Shield. The pH of the soils is neutral or basic (i.e., greater than 5.5). The sand deposits may also occur as small inclusions in glacial till uplands in this region.

Dystric Brunisolic Soils

Dystric Brunisolic soils occur on sandy deposits north of the boundary with the Canadian Shield and are often interspersed with igneous rock outcrops throughout this region. The ph of the soils is acidic (i.e., less than 5.5).

Distribution of Brunisolic soils in Saskatchewan